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Dear Laura, I wanted to let you know that the cookies arrived and in 
plenty of time for Christmas. Thank you so much for the extra cookies. 

They were a hit with my nephew Justin. 


I JUST GOT THE COOKIES AND THEY LOOK FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!


The dice cookies just arrived. They are perfect and taste great! I'll be sure and give out your e-mail address at the party! Thanks for everything. 

Thanks so much!! Received the cookies on the 3rd, they are perfect! BIG hit here with our group. 
Thank you, thank you! Heather

OMG, LOVE THEM! They are awesome!  Great job! 


Just had to let you know what a huge hit your cookies 
were last night! Who knew little wedding cakes were so tasty! 


The cookies arrived today and they're PERFECT! Just wonderful. Thanks again....I'll definitely be in touch in the future!
Best, Mariellen


Our hostess nearly cried when she saw the cookies...she didn't want to eat them, she just wanted to stare at them...I reminded her that she got a pair of each! So she could stare at one set while eating the other! Congrats on another batch well done! 
Thank you, Renee

Your cookies were a hit at my grandson's birthday party over the weekend.  The other little boys birthdays are coming soon and I know they will love them too. Just wanted to let you know!

Thanks again.


Jay and I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful sunflower cookies. They were a HUGE hit at the wedding- and of course the cause of some unfinished dinners . It was such a joy for me to know that I would be able to reach you with any question, big or small, and although it wasn't a huge order, you made us feel important. We always look forward to checking Woman's World to see your next creation. Thank you so much for making our special day one to remember always. We look forward to using you in the future and wish you years of success. Best Wishes,
Erin P.

Thanks, I have received my cookies and they are great. - Maria S. 

Laura…thank you so much, the rubber duck cookies could not be “sweeter”. I so appreciate your prompt and efficient service and of course your artistic flare. You will hear nothing but raves from your new east coast fans and hopefully, you will receive additional business. Now that I have found your website. Next time I will give you more lead time! - Karen P. 

Thank you so much for the cookies. The guests of honor loved them and everyone else as well. The cookies were so cute and the colors were wonderful!!! You may hear from some people who asked for your website. Thank you again. You will be hearing from me as soon as I have dates for the other showers. - Ceci A. 

Thank you so much for getting the order out and your kind assistance. The cookies look great. Just what I envisioned. I’m sure my daughter will love them. I’m sure I will be in contact with you again as I have a bunch of occasions coming up and think your gift baskets are unique and will add a little something special to the occasions. - Alice P. 

The cookies have arrived and are beautiful! Thanks so much. - Lori S. 

My Dad loved the cookies and he said they were the best he’s ever eaten! Thank you! - Kimberlee O. 

You really are incredible. The cookies are beautiful! They look amazing! I don’t know what else to say. Very, very impressive. Thank you again!!!!! - Kimberlee O. 

They (cookies) were VERY well received! Thank you again - so much - you have made me very popular!! - Evelyn J. 

Thanks for the Easter cookies…they arrived yesterday afternoon…enjoy the holiday…and again they are incredible and extremely edible… - Karen P. 

They all arrived and were perfect.. I will be back in touch about my June birthday party cookies in early June. Thanks again! - Linda K. 

The cookies were a huge hit! Thanks so much for the quick turn around. I’ll definitely be in touch with more order in the future! - Melinda T. 

The cookies arrived this morning in the mail. The look just wonderful. Too pretty to eat. (My sons 26 and 23 want to sample) I have been very busy preparing for the banquet. This is one great thing off my mind. Thank you. - Jan V. 

By the way, the JAY cookies were a HUGE hit!!! - Beth V. 

The shower was this past Sunday, May 7. The cookies were a big hit. They were packed beautifully and not one was broken. They taste as good as they look. I would certainly recommend your delicious cookies to friends and family. Thank you. - Susan B. 

Thank you SO much! The teachers loved the cookies and thought they were adorable. We don’t know if we will most enjoy looking at them or eating them. - Sheri E. 

I just received the angel cookies today. They are as beautiful as I had hoped they would be and I’m sure just as yummy. I had to hide them to prevent myself from taking a bite before the 31st. - Deanna D. 

Just wanted to thank you so much for the cookies and all that went into getting them to us! They were absolutely perfect and a hit after we passed them on to all the swimmers. These are college kids, and they were taking pictures of them with cameras and cell phones to show their parents, etc.. Many were not going to eat them and were going to hold on to them as keepsakes. (I ate one and it was very good!) - Linda R.

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